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Certificate IV in Mental Health


This is much more than a Certificate IV. This is for those who want to make a difference. Because when we reach out to those living with mental illness we not only make life better for individuals, we help to make a more compassionate and inclusive world for all of us. 


Plus, you can benefit yourself by offering benefit to others, because huge opportunity exists for people to play their part in a range of contexts, such as:


  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and other community based organisations
  • Home based outreach services
  • Centre-based and/or clinical services and programs
  • Respite care and residential support services
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Employment services and support


If you want your work life to have real meaning and make a genuinely positive impact, this qualification will open doors to a broad spectrum of career opportunity and allow you to engage directly in helping others to achieve their goals.


(Here at Interskills, we know first-hand how good this can be. Our core community often live with various forms of disadvantage and we regularly see the difference that well planned, care-centred programs can make, not just in theory but in real life.)  



Community Services

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As social and political attitudes towards mental health evolve, the demand for specially trained professionals to work in this space will grow.


This qualification targets the skill base required to provide self-directed, recovery oriented support to those affected by mental illness and psychiatric disability, with a specific focus on implementing community based programs and activities. These skills are both in demand and transferable across a range of individual care and service provider settings. 


People holding this nationally recognised qualification usually work autonomously under the broad guidance of other practitioners and professionals.

Job Roles

This qualification refers to specific knowledge of mental health issues and appropriate intervention processes applied in residential and community based settings.


Occupational titles may include:

  • Community rehabilitation and support worker
  • Mental health rehabilitation support worker
  • Community support worker
  • Mental health support worker
  • Mental health outreach worker

Delivery Mode

  • Classroom
  • Full time – up to 12 months
  • Part time – up to 24 months
  • Traineeship


Assessment may consist of

  • written answers to questions
  • role plays
  • project
  • holistic assessment
  • vocational placement
  • recognition of prior learning


Evidence may be

  • written
  • audio recordings
  • video recordings
  • observation
  • Zoom recording
  • interview
  • documents


Note that part of the practical assessment for this course is assessed during the vocational placement. You must successfully pass the vocational placement to achieve an outcome of “competent” for this course.


Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Please note, to complete vocational placement to finalise the qualification, students will be required to obtain one or more of the following clearances dependent on the organisation, DCSI Clearance, NDIS Working Clearance and/or Police Clearance.


All students will engage in a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) activity to evaluate potential support requirements. Students who are funded are required to complete an alternative and similar activity.


Course consists of 15 units … 11 core units and 4 electives. Assessment activities will include holistic assessment activities as well as 80hr (minimum) vocational placement at which you will demonstrate your learned skills.

CHCDIV001Work with diverse people
CHCDIV002Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
CHCLEG001Work legally and ethically

Establish self-directed recovery relationships
CHCMHS003 Provide recovery oriented mental health services
CHCMHS004 Work collaboratively with the care network and other services
CHCMHS005Provide services to people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drugs issues
CHCMHS007Work effectively in trauma informed care
CHCMHS008Promote and facilitate self advocacy
CHCMHS011Assess and promote social, emotional and physical wellbeing
HLTWHS001Participate in workplace health and safety
CHCCCS019Recognise and respond to crisis situations
CHCADV001Facilitate the interests and rights of clients

Assess co-existing needs
CHCCOM002Use communication to build relationships


Fees vary due to government funding options available for some courses. Please contact us to confirm course fees.

Options may include:

  • Fee for Service
  • Concession
  • SkillingSA
  • Smart and Skilled


  • Full Time – up to 12 months
  • Part Time – up to 24 months

All students must complete vocational placement of at least 80 hours in a suitable workplace.

Why this course

Useful everywhere

The skills you’ll learn in hospitality are highly transferable and can support you while you are studying or travelling.

Continued growth

No matter how the worldwide economy is doing, the growth trend of the hospitality industry will not slow down.

All about diversity

Enrich your skills, experiences, & knowledge about other countries and cultures by meeting many different people in hospitality.

Expert Faculty Interskills group


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Week 1

Beginners level

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3 Videos
1 Audio
1 Reading
10 minutes
Video: Greetings and introduction
7 minutes
Video: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
12 minutes
Audio: Consectetur adipiscing elit
8 minutes
Reading: Incididunt ut labore et dolore
8 minutes
Graded: MasterClass Technology
3 questions

Week 2

Beginners level

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2 Videos
2 Readings
Reading: Ut enim ad minim veniam
10 minutes
Video: Pottery lessons
8 minutes
Video: Duis aute irure dolor
8 minutes
8 minutes
Graded: MasterClass Technology
3 questions
Emeritus Education

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